Purchasing a Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) policy now gives more protection than ever before.  This is a ‘partnership’ between you and the state.

Simply said;

If you purchase a Long Term Care Insurance policy with the correct inflation option;  And your state participates in the National Partnership Program for Long Term Care;  Then every dollar of benefit paid to you can be set aside from a Medicaid spend down. 


You can now protect your assets from a Medicaid spend down by insuring yourself with Long Term Care Insurance policy.  This is a very short and simple explanation, please contact us for details.  

What are the requirements for a policy to be a Partnership policy?

  • Must be a Tax-Qualified Long Term Care Insurance Policy
  • The policy must be approved as a Partnership Policy by the resident State
  • The proper inflation protection must be added at the time of purchase based on the age of the policy holder.
    • Under age 61 – Must Purchase Compound Inflation
    • Age 61 to age 75 – Must Purchase Compound or Simple Inflation
    • Age 76 and older – Inflation is optional (does not need to purchase)

More information about the State of Ohio can be found on the Ohio website:     This program is available in about 40 states and many have reciprocal agreements.   Just ‘contact us’ to learn more.