Not everyone can purchase Long Term Care insurance, having the ability to pay premiums does not get you insured, your health matters.

What is underwriting?

Long Term Care Insurance companies review your health status to determine whether you qualify for a policy.  Your status will determine if the insurance company is willing to accept you for insurance.  Not everyone can purchase Long Term Care insurance.

However, many people with conditions are getting insured.   Conditions such as cancer after successful treatment, heart conditions that are stabilized and even diabetes under control with oral medications.   There are other chronic conditions that are uninsurable.   Find out now if you are eligible.  Fill out the information below.  This is not an application for insurance.

Please fill out and submit for each person that may be applying.  You will have to fill out for one person, after clicking submit, scroll to the top of the page and click the ‘yellow’ words “Are you eligible? Click Here!”  to start again.