A more recent development in Long Term Care insurance underwriting is “family history”.  One company asks in the application interview if parents or siblings have Dementia or Alzheimers in any form.  If so, one family member with dementia causes a standard rate to the person applying for coverage and limits the benefits available to the applicant.  Two family members that experienced dementia will result in a decline for the applicant no matter how healthy the applicant is at the time of application.   Another company asks about eight conditions that other family members may have and takes this into account in underwriting,  I am not sure how it impacts underwriting as nothing is in print. 

So, do you need to apply when you are younger and your other family members are still young enough not to have these conditions as yet?   Find out now.   https://ltcusa.org/are-you-eligible-for-long-term-care-insurance/